Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pink Bubblies...

So, this morning (and afternoon) I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Fashion Show/ Fundraiser for the NW Children's Fund! All my fears were for nothing (of course) since I knew just about everyone there and it was great company to be in.

The clothes were shown by our own school's parents (see above!) and were provided by CAbi. I had never heard of this company but apparently I was one of the only ones. Their style is very casual with some fun stuff thrown in. Nothing compared to the European fashion style of course but actually quite nice for the American market.

I found a most awesome jacket made out of very thin dark grey cotton (see above) but unfortunately it was just a bit too costly for my budget. Instead of buying it  (of which only 20 % would have made it to the fundraiser) I donated my budget directly to the NW Fund. I'm hoping I can make something like it myself, if I find the right fabric and pattern of course...

After the show we had a lovely catered lunch and lots of pink bubblies! (Yum! especially at 11 in the morning...)
They also gave us a 'Swag Bag' (i.e. a goody bag) to take home and below you can see some of the things that were in it...

That was it, another fun-filled day!

PS The flooding is becoming worse but it is nothing compared to what we've experienced in the past. Our house is never in danger (unless the dam bursts up river) so don't worry...

Here is another picture (webcam) of the same spot as this morning. You can see clearly how much the water has been rising. In the foreground you see a Fox News truck set up for some reporting...


  1. I think I'll be there for the next fund raiser. I liked everything I saw in your pics and also what you wrote, thinking pink bubbly!
    And you're good, donating and then sewing yourself.

  2. It must have been a nice day! And I also think that you did the right thing, donating money directly and then sewwing the jacket yourself! It was really a good-looking jacket!
    I hope you will be spared from any more water!
    Have a nice weekend/Monica

  3. I love the middle picture...what a great action shot!

  4. Haha, I also thought that was a good action shot, all planned of course! ;-)


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