Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fruits Of My Labor...

Ha, look what I just made!
It was supposed to be a quick & easy project but my sewing machine seemed to have 'a ghost inside' (wasn't that the title of a 'The Police' song?). It just went super fast all of a sudden and even with my foot off of the pedal it wouldn't stop. I had to turn it off manually and when I turned it back on it started and stopped several times without me even touching the pedal! How strange is that?

Anyhoo, I managed to finish my little project and am happy with the accomplishment; time for a shower! (it is almost lunch time...)

PS Bedankt voor het leuke bandje Carla!


  1. It seems like your sewing mashine has a life of it's own... But the result looks really good!

  2. Misschien houdt je naaimachine meer van de grote projecten. Dit projectje is toch nog geslaagd en ziet er leuk uit.
    Fijne dag, groetjes


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