Thursday, March 3, 2011

M'n Opa...

          A great connection between the generations!

Now that I'm still thinking of 'them olden days' I thought I'd share my alltime most favorite picture with you. This lovely gentleman was my 'Opa' or my grandfather as you would call it in English. He was my mother's dad.

The picture was taken in Brussels (if I remember correctly) sometime in 1984 I think. (again, the brain is a little blurry here) It was my cousin's wedding and a big deal to drive all the way to Belgium. I remember how I felt when this picture was taken and you can see it radiating all over: confidence!

Unfortunately my Opa died a few years later and he has never seen my children (Oma has!). I think they would have had a good time together playing the "I see you" game. He would put his thumb and pointy finger together in a o-shape and say (in English!) "I see you!" I thought that was just the best!
I see you too Opa! :-)


  1. What a good-looking,elegant man your Opa was!

  2. Wat een lief logje over je favoriete Opa, heel ontroerend! Ja, soms missen we ze zo, de mensen die al zijn gegaan...


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