Wednesday, March 9, 2011

X-Mas Presents, Goodwill and Downpours...

Yes, it was a day with all of the above!

I'll start with the top picture first. Just last week my sister ( asked if I had ever received her Christmas presents that she had sent in December: "No", I said and thought, "That's a shame!" But lo and behold, what did I find on top of our mailbox today: the Presents!!! And they are so lovely! She had also added a volume of my favorite Dutch magazine 'Flow' to the stash so after I finish this post I will sit down with a cup of tea or other and have myself a looksie...

In the package was also this adorable little book about Sinterklaas wrapping paper over the last 50 years. Very cute indeed!

This morning I went out to the big city (Seattle) to visit the most ginormous Goodwill store I have ever seen!!!
Tif brought me there and it was just wonderful. We bought lots of stuff for very little money: that's the way ahuh ahuh, I like it, ahuh ahuh!
Plastic Ikea frame from Goodwill,
Japanese wrapping paper from Uwajimaya a la Pip-style.
Three heavy, almost industrial, glass candle sticks...
Tif bought herself two of these cute plastic baskets and
we oo-ed and aah-ed over the green plastic cups
but couldn't convince ourselves to buy any...
I bought the flowery, again plastic, table cloth for outside.
The Ikea mirror is for M.
Unfortunately we had the most rain I've seen in forever coming down on us the whole way. It was truly amazing and we got quite drenched. A good time to have some lunch at Uwajimaja in the International District. Of course we had to visit the Japanese bookstore there (Kinokuniya) which had me gasping for air: the selection was just plain overwhelming. (and so were the prices...)

All in all another great day with Tif and lots of new inspiration!


  1. gosh the paper looks a peach in the frame doesn't it!. i have spent this afternoon washing through the thrifted linens and now feeling an overwhelming desire to keep the little crocheted bit of goodness for myself.
    thanks for a lovely few hours of pottling amongst the shelves of despair Marjan :)

  2. Jij had een leukevdag! Dat pakketje heeftber dus wel 10 weken over gedaan!

  3. Gelukkig dat je kerstcadeautjes toch nog aangekomen zijn, je moet er niet aan denken dat ze echt verdwenen waren...! Wat een geweldige winkel daar, jammer dat Seattle zo ver weg is, anders... hi hi!

  4. It must have been nice to get Christmas presents in March! One can wonder where they have been since december?
    You seem to have had a good day in the shoppingcenter!

  5. die Sint papieren zijn straks misschien leuk om een borduursel van te maken? Zo in oktober dan,daar heb je nu geen zin in...


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