Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signs of Spring # 2 1/2....

Yes, tonight the clocks here will Spring Forward so if that isn't a sure Sign of Spring then I don't know what is.... The weather sure isn't one of them, or maybe it is? (it has been with rain all day)

I've spent many hours last night and this morning trying to figure out the new blog look. Here is the background photo for those of you that can only see a centimeter or so on either side...

The colors seemed to remind me of my old bicycle in The Netherlands, way back when. (yes, the 80's...)
My friend and I were not only Adam & The Ants fans but also major Duran Duran followers. We even changed our names. 
I don't quite recall my friend's special name, but mine was "Shed'or", 'She of Gold'. It was a jumble of Nick Rhodes' (the keyboard player) last name. Crazy stuff! Even more crazy stuff: G. and I saw Duran Duran live in concert only half an hour away from our home 2 summers ago and it was AWESOME!!!

That's us, pulling funny faces!
(and the famous orange bike of course)


  1. Leuk hoor,je nieuwe bloglook en.....die oude foto's.....

  2. Leuk dat je even de hele foto erop gezet heb, voor de 1 cm-ers onder ons! Grappig, die oude foto! Fijne zondag, hier schijnt gelukkig al een paar dagen de zon, genieten!!!

  3. Nice to find your blog! Yes, I bought all the posters on the pictures! :-)

  4. Such a pretty pretty blog. Can I put you in my linklist? ☺

  5. Hi Francine, of course you can add my blog to your link list, I'd be honored! :-)
    Both Dutch and English are spoken here (and a few others) so which ever language you want to use is fine...


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