Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dress....

Hello everyone! I was so afraid this dress wouldn't fit, it actually turned out to be too big! So what you see here is the first unchanged version. It is not hemmed yet and the bustline was too wide so I'll have adjust that also. The zipper (in the side seam underneath the left arm) was a Nightmare so I will not give you any close-ups of that mess but it is in and it closes properly and that's all that matters!

The front bodice had a nice folding seam detail in it, I hope you can see it in the second picture? (click on it then you get a bigger view)

So, so far not too bad!


  1. I wish that something would look to big on me too...

  2. Yay! A dress! It's looking good! (Oh, and I read somewhere else that the zipper instructions were a bit of a nightmare...sorry you had such trouble with it!)

  3. Ha, you read that Here Carolyn and yes, it was a nightmare. An even bigger nightmare was trying to adjust the dress after I had already finished it! Lessons learned for the next time: fit in between! ;-)


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