Sunday, March 6, 2011

Signs of Spring #2...

Daffodil overcome by the onslaught of snow the week before...
I worked very hard this week to find lots of Signs of Spring and I think I did! This weekend we were able to spent both days out in the yard which feels amazing. It wasn't very warm yet, but at least it was dry!
Colorful gloves, a Crocus and a Helleborus...

No idea what kind of tree this is but it had color
and I thought it looked fun!
(apparently it is a Witch Hazel)

Do you see the Hummingbird???
(it is that green thing hovering in front of the above hummingbird feeder)

Yesterday we visited a plant nursery and we bought some fun Primroses. Very cheap and an instant flash of color! We also loaded a cubic yard of top-soil in our truck and added that to the necessary areas in the yard, with our new wheelbarrow I might add.
G. doing his first planting of the season: snap-peas!
Can you tell he is a mathematician?

New Blueberry plant and kids in the hot-tub...
Today G. left early and bought another cubic yard but this time of a mulchy top layer for the vegetable beds. Again the new wheelbarrow came in very handy. I did lots of digging in the yard: we have several plants that were very pretty in themselves but have been overtaken by grasses, weeds and/ or ivy and it has been driving me crazy! They just had to go! This means of course that we have now created new areas for new plantings: yay!

The forecast for this week is again lots of rain so this will be it for the gardening for a while. That is a good thing because I can hardly move...


  1. Ziet er fijn uit! En dat stuk van demoestuin ziet er ook veel beter uit!

  2. But, only a few weeks ago you had snow, and now you're planting seeds... amazing...

  3. Mooie verhoogde bedden, daar word ik bijna jaloers op! Die struik met gele sliertjes is een toverhazelaar, die bloeien altijd aan het einde van de winter. Er is ook nog een rode versie van. Vandaag ga ik ook eindelijk weer eens in de tuin: de zon schijnt heerlijk, al is het koud...!

  4. You do have signs of spring, lucky for you. I'm a little envious, I am for sure.
    Ha, a mathematician, yes I can see that, I can see that, it will be interesting seeing the straight lines in which the snap peas start to grow. Wow.
    I think the fun shrub with the yellow flowers is a "trollhassel", Hamamelis mollis, in latin. I have one too, but it's not blooming yet.
    The hummingbird is in what, is it a flower? It's very cute. Makes me think of Christmas and Kalle Anka on Swedish tv...
    Enjoy your nice spring!
    Kramar Aggie

  5. Jag önskar att jag också kunde hitta en matematiker för att så frön åt mig (jag tycker om att skörda men inte att så, och jag gillar raka rader), men min karl är bra på annat istället! :) Var härligt med allt som sticker upp i trädgården. Jag längtar tills det börjar röra på sig även hemma hos mig! Föredrar du för övrigt kommentarer på engelska eller svenska? :)

  6. Hej Kicki, du kan skriva pa Svenska eller pa Engelska, jag forstar bada men har inga umlaut osv pa min dator.
    Min man gor allting i gronsaks garden men jag gor resten av tradgarden (weeding osv). Det ar harligt med att gora nanting tillsammans och att vare ute! ;-)


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