Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! #4...

altered... (just for fun)
Wow, I took a lot of pictures over the last week!
Our weather hasn't been the greatest but it is definitely improving. The first two weeks of March gave us as much rain as we normally get in the whole month. Our yard feels like a swamp now: stjomp, stjomp you hear when you're walking around...

This weekend we were visited by this fellow and all of his relatives.They were very loud... (and proud)
Have a look over at SouleMama, there a whole bunch of baby chicks have arrived: so cute! Another wonderful Sign of Spring!


  1. Oh, you are at least a month ahead of us here in the south of Sweden! So many flowers already!
    Lucky you!
    Hav a nice week in the spring/Monica

  2. Spring really HAS sprung at your place. Not here. Have been watering the ice outside our entrance today. With hot water. Not too much eco think about that, but I can't stand the ice any longer.....

  3. My mother wrote the exact words that I thought I should Write, you ARE a month ahead of us.. Lovely pictures!!

  4. And I think Holland is again a few weeks ahead of us! We will get there though, don't worry! :-)


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