Friday, March 18, 2011

Curl Up...

Aran slipcover chair by BiscuitScout
Oooh, I wish I could curl up in this chair right now, doesn't it look inviting? I've been feeling pretty wrecked today and have taken several deep naps. That sounds nice but it isn't the normal way of course, it just shows you what I've been through...

The surgery itself went just fine. I was so drugged up that I was singing (humming) along to my favorite 80's tunes while they were working away in my mouth. Apparently I sang in the car on our way home as well, but I don't remember that at all. The kids thought it was pretty funny though... (I don't recall posting the picture of the dentist's chair either!)

I had a bad night but I'm certain tonight will be better. The dentist accidentally cut in the inside of my lip so now I have a 1 cm opening there as well. It is healing already but it just doens't add to my overall feeling of wellness... He did call this afternoon to make sure everything was going well and to assure me I could call him day or night which I thought was pretty nice. Let's hope it is not necessary...

Well, that is it for now. A veeeeery quiet weekend ahead for me: rest, rest: rest! I hope yours will be a bit more active!


  1. Ach jij arme, gelukkig kan het vanaf nu alleen maar beter gaan! Geef maar gewoon toe aan de rustmomenten, die heb je echt nodig denk ik! Sterkte hoor!!

  2. Oh, it's done now, good girl! All the medicine sounds like a little fun. Hope it doesn't hurt too bad and hope you'll have more medicine if you need it.
    But it hurts in my mouth when I hear that you were accidentally hurt in the lip, but maybe it ins't so bad as it sounds.
    Hope your weekend turns out well after all and take it easy.
    Agneta kramar


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