Monday, March 28, 2011

Jazz Band in Seattle...

This is apparently a legendary Rock place where Soundgarden
has performed several times in 'them olden days'.
We heard lots of awesome grunge sounds while passing this place...

Through the car window.

Crossing Lake Washington...

...with the sun setting behind us at 7:30pm.
Last night the school's Jazz Band performed at Tula's, a Jazz Club in down town Seattle. C. is the understudy of one of the senior students and he got to play at least half of the whole reportoire!  We were so very proud... G.'s parents came up from Tacoma and joined us for dinner at the Club.

I just LOVE seeing teenagers being so passionate about something!

On our way home I took some pictures of the surroundings as I am always in awe of all the city buildings and landscapes.

What a great ending to the weekend it was!


  1. I can really understand that you are proud of your son! He looks really good! And plays well too, I understand!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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