Friday, March 4, 2011

Foreign Bloggers...

Today I came across a whole new (for me) type of blogs: people (in this case Americans) that work for the Foreign Service in other countries. Difficult countries.

Now out of the five countries I've lived in so far, only one was considered a 'difficult country' and Sri Lanka was one of those, no doubt about it. Yes, we did encounter several scary situations, the living was not easy, the Dengue Fever I got hit with was no fun  and it was bl...y hot and humid all the time (no a/c) but we've never had to evacuate or any other scary stuff like that.
I've been reading this blog ( for a while now.  This lady is situated in Timor and mainly writes about her sewing and photography endeavors. Today though she wrote about the 'scary' stuff: uninterested and rude politicians that visited from The States.  She linked to several other blogs which I checked out and they seemed very interesting.

These kind of blogs really open your eyes (especially here in the States where everything is about The States) to what is going on in other parts of the world. Please go check them out!

I also have a Dutch cousin who had to evacuate himself and his family (wife + 3 kids) from Libya last week which makes things come much closer to home all of a sudden. I just cannot imagine the fear and the stress involved with such up-rooting of your life. All the best to you Fokkelien and family!

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  1. Dank je Marjan!!!
    Het begint een beetje te wennen, maar we zijn nog steeds met ons hoofd en ons hart in Libie.

    Gelukkig krijgen we weer een beetje structuur in ons leven nu de kids naar school zijn en Adriaan naar kantoor gaat.
    We gaan er vanuit dat we zeker tot de zomer in NL blijven, dus dat geeft ruimte om dingen te plannen.




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