Monday, March 14, 2011

Mega Quilt...

Yay! All the topstitching is finally done, that really took forever... Here is some more detail:

I stitched on both sides of all the seams (so both vertically and horizontally) plus I crossed over the diagonal in every square. I decided to do all the topstitching without the backing in place. With the size of this quilt I just wouldn't have been able to fit all the fabric throught the sewing machine's arm.
Now I have to wait until someone of the family is home to assist me with placing the backing over the quilt so that I can sew it in place. Think comforter style, so no border.
I'm liking it a lot and can't wait to actually place it on our bed!

On to other news: the curly frame and fabulous mirrors have been hung! The curly frame is now adorning our upstairs master's restroom and it looks just lovely there. Still a bit lonely so we'll have to find some other items for that little space...
The wall in M.s room is actually quite a bright turquoisy-blue, but somehow the photo turned it into something grey. Don't know how that happened. The mysteries of photography I suppose...


  1. Zusjes Spaander zijn creablogsters!! Mooi hoor,

  2. Hey Diana,
    I think it is time for a blog of your own don't you think???! ;-)

  3. Your quilt is really something special! How skilful you are! I am impressed!

  4. Thanks Monica, your comments are always so nice and positive: just what we need! :-)


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