Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flooding Once Again...

Well, two of our main roads are once again closed. The one above, that we use most of the time, just closed minutes ago and the other main one closed early last night. Flood stage is now at 56 feet and is expected to rise to a little over 58 by tomorrow morning.

Of course I have something important to go to today so I'll have to take some alternative routes. I've been invited to a fundraiser for the NW Children's Fund and it includes a catered lunch and a fashion show! Pretty fancy stuff and I am so Not Fancy! I'm wearing my homemade black and white polka dotted skirt to show them how tough I am, not.... I hate those stupid insecurities!
I'm sure I'll have a good time and I even have a small budget to spend a little, so chin up!

Your roving reporter will keep you posted on the flooding, back this afternoon...


  1. Oei, oei, oei, da's behoorlijk hoog water! En er volgt dus waarschijnlijk nog meer. Hopelijk houden jullie het zelf droog!

  2. Uh-oh! Stay dry out there! Hopefully the rain will stop sometime...

  3. We have a gentle spring rain coming down toady, it's really nice, so I hope it'll stay that way and not becoming a flood.
    Lucky you have alternative routes!
    And I think you will be looking great in your polka dot skirt, you know, it's not really in the clothes, it's in the person! So you'll be a great hit, I am sure of that!

  4. Vervelend en lastig, zolang het jullie huis maar niet binnenkomt, dat lijkt me vreselijk.

  5. So your main road is closed again! We never have that kind of problem here in the south of Sweden, because we have no mountains with melting snow and we have a sand-ground.


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