Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Currently my son is taking a required class in 10th grade called 'Lifeskills'. This week's project has him 'planning, preparing and serving a family meal': yahoo!
He made this yummie pasta dish a couple of nights ago, before we realised what all the requirements were. It seems he has to do more than just cook the meal. He also has to (and I quote):

-create a menu
-prepare a shopping list and do the shopping
-set the table using proper table settings
-prepare and serve the meal
-clean up the entire site
-1-2 page written summary about how and why this menu, the cost, description of meal preperation, emotions/ feelings about it, feedback from family
-photos of set table, food prep and completed meal.

Wowie, that's what I call a great assignment! Of course now he has to do all this one more time since he only cooked the meal and not the rest: that is just fine with me!

PS Yes, he is wearing his raincoat, don't ask me why...

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  1. Wat een ontzettend leuk project, hij staat er ook bij te stralen, dus zo te zien vond hij het ook leuk! En ze leren er zo veel van, die jonge gasten!! Lachen, die regenjas, hij zal wel gedacht hebben: je weet maar nooit! Ben benieuwd naar het recept!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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