Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs of Spring #1.....

SunRise- 6:50 am   SunSet- 5:51pm
Today's High- 40F/ 6C   Low- 31F/ 0C
100% chance of rain/ snow

1. The disappearing snow man
2. Furry buds in the Magnolia Tree

1. Ice sheet in the yard
2. The grass trying hard to stay alive under the ice
So, today is the first official posting of the "Signs of Spring" fling and I have very little to show for myself.
Last week we got hit by some mighty snow which has now finally gone away again. Yesterday it just rained all day and with my sore throat etc. I just didn't have the energy to go out and spy on the plants in the yard. The above pictures was all I could come up with, nature wise.

But, I did buy some very fun Spring shoes though so I thought that would count for a Sign of Spring also right?
1. $7
2. $10
(Yay! for the Spring Sale!)
PS I've decided to just use a different logo every week for the Signs of Spring. I like them all and I've made them already anyway so why not?


  1. Spring shoes are excellent signs of spring! And your snow will soon disappear!

  2. Jag ska skynda mig ut och göra en snögubbe så att jag kan fota den när den smälter! Här i Västerbotten finns det fortfarande mycket kvar av den varan, snön alltså, så det lär dröja innan det fotot kommer upp i min blogg! :)

  3. Tack for att komma in och besoka mig Kicki! Jag ser att det mesta av Sverige fortfarande har mycket sno kvar... Varen kommer, jag lovar! :-)

  4. Leuk is je logo geworden! En waarom zou je ze niet allemaal gebruiken, lekker afwisselend toch! Tja, ook hier wil de lente niet echt beginnen, al lopen er al verschillende knopjes voorzichtig uit...het oogt nog steeds grijs en saai :( Beterschap met je keel, groetjes van Lupineke

  5. Oj jag har missat sa mycket hos dig.
    Du har fina skor och quilten ar jattevacker och bilderna från Whistler ar underbara, jag onskar att det var jag som hade varit dar.
    Vi fortsatter att vanta pa varen.
    Agneta kram


How wonderful to hear from you!

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