Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Real Day in the Garden...

C. loves to jump around in the yard waste bin!
M. was all dressed up (in my clothes!)
for a concert and dinner tonight with our neighbors.
Yay, our first real work day in the yard!
First we added a weed barrier in the vegetable garden all around the planter boxes. Then we drove down to a place where they load up your pick-up truck with rocks. (we felt like a low-rider leaving that place with all that heavy weight in the back) Back at home we had C. and G. shovelling while I was raking all the rocks. The cubic yard wasn't quite enough but pretty close. We'll finish that another day...

I also edged quite a large part of one of our flower beds so that it looks nice and kept again. We ended our day with mowing the lawn, the first time in 2011!!!

Needless to say (but I will do it anyway):
it was a GREAT DAY!!!
Part of our mown backyard.
Pictures were taken from our bedroom window.


  1. Lucky you! Here in Sweden we have to wait a long time still, to be able to start garden-work!
    What a nice garden you have!

  2. What a lovely day you've had, nice to see your picture's! It's always a pleasure to work hard and then enyoy what you have done...

  3. You've aldready mowed the lawn....OMG.....we still have snow here and very cold temperatures. It looks so nice. Did you jump into the garden trash bin directly, you will be soil soon if you don't jump out of it again.
    No problem seeing the blog of yours, it looks perfekt and very nice. I like the flowers on the sides.
    Hope you'll have the same nice weather on Sunday!

  4. Hi Marjan,

    Wat lief berichtje op mijn blog. Wat een avontuurlijk leven heb jij en wat een geweldige blog! Leuk om je te volgen.



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