Saturday, February 26, 2011

Q is for Quilt...

I just got word that husband and son are half an hour out (yay!) so I will keep this short.

I just wanted to show the progress made on the quilt so far. I realised (just in time) I had to add a row to the top and half a row to the middle. Also there will be a border of rectangles all the way around but I haven't gotten that far yet. Almost done with the top and then the sandwiching will begin, always a struggle, especially in this size.

Anyway, it has been snowing here all day but so light that you could barely see it. They are forecasting warmer temperatures (and lots of rain again) so hopefully this messy snow will disappear soon and I can make some official pictures for our first 'Signs of Spring' fling that will start on Monday with Viveka from Humlebacken. I'm the one representing the US and my sister The Netherlands (PikeStreet). The rest are people from all the different counties/ provinces in Sweden and Norway: Should be fun!


  1. De quilt wordt erg mooi, nog mooier dan ik al dacht!

  2. Hij wordt prachtig!! Misschien laat ik me wel door deze deken inspireren en wordt zo iets wel mijn volgende lappendeken...! Zou je het erg vinden? Ben ook benieuwd naar je 'Signs of spring'... Fijne zondag, groetjes van Lupineke

  3. I am so glad that you and your sister are joining in "Vårteckensutmaningen"! Viveka, who started this three years ago, is my oldest daughter and I am so proud of her!
    Have a nice sunday!

  4. Monica: I always forget that Viveka is your duaghter, but it is through her blog that I came to yours of course! ;-) I also read your sister's blog in Thailand...
    Stefanie: ik heb deze quilt ook weer gecopieerd van iemand anders dus ik zou zeggen: ga je gang! Ik ben blij dat je 'm zo leuk vindt! :-)
    En Miss Pike: Dank!!! ;-)


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