Monday, February 7, 2011

Dress, Birds, Flowers...

Well, I finally finished the Shirt Dress! I'll have to wear it a few times to see how I like it but my first thoughts are good and it is comfy too.

This is what we saw Saturday afternoon on our backyard feeder: a Sharp-Shinned Hawk! I had to look that one up since we had never seen one before. It scared the heck out of all the little birdies and after a couple of minutes it swooped down and actually cought one, right before our eyes! Rather gruesome I must say but such is nature of course...
It took a while but eventually all the little birdies returned, including this cute little Junco...

It is still rather cloudy and gloomy outside so I bought a nice Gerbera Daisy plant for inside. You can never have enough color around you!


  1. You look amazing in your new dress! So does the hawk but in another way, scary!

  2. Congatulations for finishing your dress! I am impressed!
    The hawk looks quite amazing and a little scary, but beautiful! Good, that you managed to take a picture of it!
    Kram, Monica


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