Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Design...

Elsa Beskow Illustrations
Here is a blog tip for you: do not start re-designing your blog right before bedtime! I didn't sleep a wink last night... All the different designs and colors kept swirling through my head and I was happy when the clock said 5:45am this morning. Anyway, I hope you like the new design in the background? It came from Marimekko! I thought it would be nice and spring-like with some extra color thrown in.

I was also looking at using an Elsa Beskow illustration but I think I will leave that for next month or so. I discovered her whilst living in Sweden. In Sigtuna we had  a cafe (kaffe and kanelbullar only) called "Tant Brun" which came from one of Elsa Beskow's books. The book "Farbror Blas Nya Bat" (Uncle Blue's New Boat) always reminded me of the lake we lived on since we had a small island just like the one on the cover right at the end of our road. (Broholmsvagen)

I think most of you saw the background I put on right before I fell asleep. I really love all the ceramics on it but it was too dark. Fun to look at it though!

While I was looking around on the net I also came across this poster:
If only we lived a bit closer, than we could go and visit this retro/ vintage expo in Stockholm next month! And it is in the Munich Brewery, how appropriate!

Well, my day is about to start. Daughter M. is sickly at home with a sore throat/ head etc. plus I have to go and see the horsies again today. Hopefully it will be a bit dryer than yesterday, but the forecast isn't looking too good...

PS Didn't those cookies look great yesterday? And they tasted great too! Sorry, they're all gone now. Our neighbor always bakes cookies for all the other neighbors every big holiday and they are always themed which I think is amazing. Yay for Carrie! :-)


  1. Hej Marjan. Het ziet er leuk uit, maar ik zie maar een cm links en rechts. Ik wil binnenkort logjes over Elsa en tante Bruin doen, moest er gisteren nog aan denken, zal Marjan leuk vinden. Wij zijn er nu twee keer geweest, in de lente en zomer, totaal verschillend maar beide keren leuk.
    Morgen eerst een logje over iemand uit Uppsala, dan weet je mischien wel wie ik bedoel.
    Beterschap voor je dochter.
    Fijne dag, groetjes

  2. Hej Willy. Kijk je wel met de juiste browser want ik heb toch echt wel zeker 5 cm of meer aan iedere kant zitten. De layout op zich is niet veranderd, alleen de achtergrond. Moet nu gauw weg. Bedankt voor de beterschapswensen! :-)

  3. Heerlijk, ik ben dol op Elsa Beskow! En helemaal jaloers dat je in Zweden gewoond hebt! Al jarenlang een wens van me, maar helaas was ik de enige van ons gezin, dus bleef het bij dromen (en Zweedse lessen, maar dat viel niet mee...!) Beterschap voor je dochter, hopelijk is ze snel weer op de been! Lieve groet Lupineke


How wonderful to hear from you!

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