Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Valentine...

Mmmmm, this is what I just received for Valentine's Day from hubbie and daughter. The bubble bath smells of Hinoki (no idea what that is) & Ginger and it smells sooooo gooood! The bubblegum just looked so much fun and I can always do with a little extra 'glee' in my life... (the gum itself didn't taste too good to be honest...) Both of them came from Whole Foods, they always have such lovely things there, not to mention the food!

Of course I also received a pretty bouquet of roses. Not the traditional red ones but bright pink ones: Love them!

We don't usually do a lot for Valentine's since it feels like such a 'have to' day, if you know what I mean. I did buy all of us some fun frozen desserts at Trader Joe's (mini chocolate eclairs and Thai mango on sticky rice: mmmmm!). It is a lot nicer to share something like that with your loved ones then those boring sappy cards...

We're getting the house ready for my Dutch aunt and uncle who are coming over for dinner tonight. I think the last time we saw them was for Thanksgiving so it was high time. G. is making the traditional Dutch Pea Soup (erwtensoep) and homemade bread. If only we had smell-a-vision on this blog, your stomach would start to rumble!

PS A shout-out to my friend Linda in Groningen who is in the hospital with a nasty case of appendicitis: get well soon!!!


  1. Doe je de groeten aan tante Kippie en oom Herman!

  2. Hah, hoe kom je ook alweer aan tante Kippie?
    Groetjes aan jullie ook natuurlijk!

  3. Een hele fijne dag gewenst, en geniet van de erwtensoep en je Hollandse familiebezoek! Veel plezier vandaag!


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