Monday, February 21, 2011

Swedish Semlor in Seattle...

Get ready, once again lots of photos ahead! (I took 57 and it was very hard to make a selection...)
Today we first picked up our yearly order of a dozen Swedish Semlor in Seattle: Yay! These are small buns with kardemom and cinnamon flavor in the dough and on the inside there is marzipan and tons of whipped cream: YUMMIE!!!! The minimum order is for twelve or more: too bad! ;-)

After eating our first semla of the year in the car (we couldn't wait any longer) we drove over to the Seattle Aquarium, which is downtown at the waterfront. We had never been before since the ticket prices were so high, but G. had managed to find a Groupon (a kind of coupon) for 50% of the price! That was a great deal of course.
Unfortunately there were millions of screaming kids running around because of the national holiday today (Presidents' Day) so that was not so good, but what was good was that we all had extra height to look over the said kids' heads!

My highlight of the exibit was the giant octopus that we were able to see up close. Lots of other brightly colored creatures abound and the different sea-lions and seals were cool as well.

On our way back home we drove by the Seattle Space Needle which I always find quite impressive. It was built in 1962 for the World Fair. The Eiffel Tower of the Northwest!

Well, that was about it for a couple of days I think. Not much else on the agenda after these two busy days. G. and C. will be leaving for skiing in Whistler on Wednesday and M. and I will stay behind. (boohoo) Some jeans and shoe shopping is on the menu and some kind of girly movie that M. would like us to watch together.
Ha det bra!


  1. Ohh, die Zweedse semlor zien er waanzinnig lekker uit! Zou je die ook zelf kunnen maken? Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt in het aquarium, wel heel bijzonder om te zien! Fijne dagen nog met je dochter, geniet ervan!

  2. Like the pics from tha Aquarium.
    And yes, it's semlor time right now. I don't like them that much though, but my husband does!
    So we have them here today!
    Lovely pictures.
    Agneta kram

  3. Ik zou toch zo even bij je op de koffie willen komen. Is het al semlordag?
    Wat een mooie foto's van het aquarium.
    Fijne vakantie nog, kram Willy


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