Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yay! I finally have all the grey (and black/ white) fabrics together for my quilt, eight yards all together.
I spent the whole afternoon cutting out 8,5 x 8,5 squares and 8,5 x 4,5 rectangles. (in inches) Now comes the fun job of arranging everything and then the boring job of sewing and fiddling etc.

Nothing much else to do here since the weather just can't figure out what it wants to do. One moment we have ginormous snowflakes coming down and the next moment the sun peaks out. The neighborhood kids are hoping for a snowday tomorrow which would be great for M. since she is home alone... (with me, but that doesn't count in her eyes)
According to the forecast that could still happen. It would be fun to have one more real snow event, since we really haven't had much snow this year and they so promised us!


  1. It looks as the quilt is gonna be great!
    And the snow looks great too and girl looks like she likes it....
    Morning hus (torsdag har nu!)

  2. Mooie fabrics en arme Meike in de natte sneeuw. Hier sneeuwde het opeens ook weer! Ik wil lente!

  3. I like your fabrics very much! The quilt is going to be very beautiful, I think!


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