Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it a Bird or is it a Plane?

Wow, what a day! It started of so dark and gloomy (in my head) and now it is just glorious! We are having the most fabulous weather ever (even though it is chilly and I had to wear my long-johns to the barn) and I have been making photos left and right. I encountered two bald eagles at two different locations and was able to capture them on film. Aren't they amazing?
Then at the barn I took some fun pics of Zorro, one of our Fjords, who was enjoying the sunshine as well...
And then on my way home I encoutered this beautiful scenery! Can you see Mt. Raineer peeking through in the 2nd picture?
Whilst doing some grocery shopping I was so much in  a Spring mood that I bought myself some lovely Hoegaarden beer (not cheap here in The States so I don't buy that very often) and my favorite Spicy Thai potato chips: yummie!
Life is certainly much better again!


  1. Jaloers! Die eagles zijn echt te gek! En de andere foto's ook!

  2. It's better here too. The sun's come out today. That's not really good as I can see all dirt and dust in our house....but I'll step outside soon.
    The sceneries at your place are marvellous!
    Do you have a farm?

  3. Fancy an eagle! What a sight! It must have been thrilling, or are you used to it, perhaps?
    It is really beautiful surroundings where you live!
    Have a nice day/Monica

  4. Weren't those eagles amazing? They used to be a protected species but now there a lots of them. Still extremely special to see them in the wild!

    By the way, I've created a different email account for longer comments. I seem to have problems commenting on other people's blogs (and even on my own sometimes) so feel free to email me! :-) (that is also more private of course...)


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