Monday, February 14, 2011

Cute and some fabric...

With my Dutch roots I just had to show you this cuter-than-cute Valentine's card that I found on Lovely Little Handmade's blog.
(Can anyone tell me how to add links to my post without me having to write down the whole adress?)

Here the weather couldn't be less cuter-than-cute: it is bucketing!

I've just ordered some more fabric for my grey and black & white quilt (a la Benita from Chez Larsson) so hopefully I will be able to start that one soon.
Metro Living Tile White
Michael Miller Rouge et Noir
Send in the Crowns White

April in Paris Map
Black/ White
Michael Miller Rouge et Noir 
Quatrefoils White
But, first things first, some breakfast and some hairdye. Great combination isn't it? ;-)


  1. Finally I am back on track here again. You have dont a lot of things and projects. Is it spring that makes you speed up...
    The fabrics you have ordered all look very nice.

  2. Goeiemorgen! Wat een schattige stofjes heb je besteld, ze zien er heel leuk uit om met elkaar te combineren! Ik ga meteen eens kijken naar je andere logjes over je quilt...! Heb je liever comments in het engels of maakt je dat niet uit? Hee, fijne dag hoor, groetjes van Lupineke


How wonderful to hear from you!

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