Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Do-Day!

Very clean counters (only for a moment)
and the view towards our back yard.
Today I would like it to be a 'Do-Day'!
I'm tired of being in this surgery-recovery-mode and want to feel creative again and feel like I've actually done something. So I've started by cleaning the kitchen: Look how sparkly and shiny!

Here are some of the treasures you can find in here:
Enamel bread storage box bought in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
My beautiful butter dish (thanks again Mims!) from Indianapolis.
Fun bowls from Crate & Barrel,
clock from Bed, Bath & Beyond I think,
cleaning supplies from Target.
This service has moved with us for the past 21 years,
all the way from The Netherlands.
 My most favoured bowls ever!
More tomorrow! Back to my cleaning and creating mode before it disappears again...


  1. I wish I had your energy! And I haven't been to surgery...
    Your kitchen looks just marvellous!

  2. Spic en span en mooie spulletjes.

  3. You're recovering from surgery and this is what your kitchen looks like? Now I'm totally embarrassed about my kitchen!!! (and motivated to finally clean it!)


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