Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surgery Update...

Finally I'm starting to feel like my old self again. Man, what a large impact one can get from such a (relatively) small surgery!

Yesterday morning I finally was able to take a shower and put on some proper clothes, but after that I was bushed again. I felt bad too, headache, funny heart rythm etc. Then I took (yet again) another nap and woke up totally different! I walked around outside some, had something to eat (fresh baguette with all the hard bits cut off plus some really nice camembert from Whole Foods) and things were just peachy...

I'm still taking the pills pictured above, those are the antibiotics I have to take for a full week. I thought they were prettily colored so I took a picture of them, as you do. I've decided not to take the Vicodin anymore, I don't think it agrees with me. Right now I haven't taken any painkillers for the last 12 hours so I'll see how long I can do without. All those chemicals in my body: yek! (but great during the actual surgery...)

I still have all the putty in my mouth covering the gumline on both sides of my upper jaw (upper right), this protects all the stitches. I'm getting used to it so that is fine. Still eating very carefully and only soft foods, but that is getting better by the minute. The cut in my lip is healing nicely so all in all, things are looking up!

Thank you all so much for your well wishes, they were much appreciated!!!


  1. Hej pa dig
    Glad to hear you are feeling soo much better...
    The restorative power of sleep...
    Hope you have a good week ahead
    Be kind to yourself
    LOVE PEACE enJOY the spring air & sunshine

  2. Nice hearing you're doing better and better by the minute. Not too many Vicodin, no, but it can be a little fun sometimes....Take care,

  3. Wat fijn om te lezen dat je je nu weer beter voelt!

  4. pretty pills, yes...but i'm sure you'll be glad not to have to take them when this is all over. sorry for the pain. glad your feeling better!

  5. Eventjes bijgelezen. Lijkt me geen pretje, fijn om te lezen dat je je inmiddels wat beter voelt, Marjan!


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