Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Stand and Deliver!" (Blast from the Past...)

So this morning I received two pictures through FaceBook from my 'old' Middle/ High School Friend.  (the two pics above) This led me to do a little search in my old photo albums for more fun 80's pictures. Yes, we were MAJOR Adam & the Ants fans. In fact, we were some of the first official Dutch fans who had joined the fanclub!

In case you don't remember who Adam Ant was (but that cannot be true can it???) here a little collage: (and yes, that is him in the far last picture, makes me want to say very bad things...)

Anyway, that whole era influenced my hair and style as much then as it still does today! Here some more pics of the mid 80's; "Antmusic for Ant People!"
The first time I dyed my hair I decided on blue
(never again I might add), my poor parents...

Could I have looked any more serious???


  1. GE WEL DIG ! ! !
    DAt brengt de herinneringen wel terug!

  2. Haha, ik kwam ook nog een heleboel foto's van jou tegen, maar die wilde ik niet publiceren zonder jouw toestemming! ;-) Misschien kan je zelf een leuk blogje er over maken?

  3. Hadden we in die tijd niet ook een "Ant-yell"? Ik kan er niet meer opkomen... Geweldig stukje overigens.

  4. Ha die Dees, ik had gehoopt dat jij die yell nog wist, ik kon er ook niet op komen! ;-) Ik heb nog wat Ant-texten gelezen maar die bestonden ook uit niets...

  5. Hej Marjan leuk om die foto's van je te zien. Ik kan goed zien dat jij het bent. Die gekleurde plukken staan je goed.
    Fijne dag, groetjes

  6. haha heehee! you are indeed the perfect friend for me :) i was all about the hair dye and shaved sides (yours much finer than mine i might add) and of course dearest adam himself. although the last photo has me greatly saddened as you warned me... do i spot a piece of gold lame clothing upon his persons. i am going to pretend he was caught on a rough day, for we all have those from time to time and we must be forgiving of them!

  7. Oh, geweldig en herkenbaar! Adam and the Ants, wouw, ik vond ze geweldig!! Was geen lid van de fanclub maar wel fan!! Wat leuk om die foto's van toen te zien, heel die tijd komt dan weer terug...


How wonderful to hear from you!

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