Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boerenkool met Worst...

Mashed Potatoes + Kale + Smoked Sausage
 = Boerenkool met Worst!
I made this for dinner last night and it was sooooo good!
This is a very traditional meal in The Netherlands, it is called a "Hutspot". (a 'just- through- it- all- together- in- the- pot' deal)

You can make lots of variations on this theme. Mashed Potatoes with green/ white or red cabbage + hamburger meat and curry spices is one. (and cheese!)  Another one is the Mashed Potatoes with boiled carrots and onions and again the hamburger meat. (if you prefer) And then there is the variation with Sauerkraut, Bacon (spekjes) and Pineapple! Yummie!!!

So, now you have plenty of ideas for your dinner tonight. I'll be making an easy pasta dish this morning for tonight that I will hopefully be able to eat/ slurp after my surgery this afternoon...

I took the tranquilizer pill right before bedtime last night and slept just fine. (which was the point of course) I don't ususally have problems falling asleep (I actually fall asleep way too early) so I didn't really notice any difference. Now I have to take that pill plus a painkiller one hour before the surgery with some food and then off we go. G. had to take the whole afternoon off to drive me around, pick-up the kids from Ultimate Frisbee practise and then he has to work again tonight: busy busy!

Talk to you later! (if I can with all that gauze in my mouth...)


  1. Wel een beetje bitter, dat juist je laatste maaltje zo heerlijk was: ook hier zijn we dol op stampotten (behalve de jongste dan)! Ik wens je heel veel sterkte toe met alles! Dat het maar goed mag verlopen, hou je taai hoor!

  2. In de winter eten we toch minstens één keer in de week stamppot. Mijn favoriet is de andijviestamppot, maar die lust ik het hele jaar door wel.
    Ik wens je ook heel veel sterkte. Je bent goed voorbereid met al die pillen.
    Lieve groet


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