Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Patient Education...

I just picked up the prescribed medications at the pharmacy for my gum flap surgery this coming up Thursday. Wow, I didn't expect four different kinds!

I wasn't too nervous until now, seeing all those pills. Seven days of anti-biotics, larger dose Ibuprofen, a heftier painkiller in the Vicadin range and three anti anxiety pills.
These last one are the ones giving me anxiety (pun intended). Just listen to this: "some patients  taking this medicine have performed certain activities while they were not fully awake. These have included sleep driving, making and eating food, making phone calls etc..."  Apparently they fall in the category of Sedative-Hypnotics.
I think I'd better warn the rest of the household. M. was already joking that she would have her phone ready so that she could film my loopy behaviour: oh joy!

If my first blog after surgery is a bit 'funny' (or 'scary' or insert whatever adjective you can come up with) then you know why. You have been warned! ;-)

I've bought some protein drinks, soups and applesauce and I will be preparing a pasta dinner the night before; lots of foods that I can just slurp down. I can't imagine it being worse than having two wisdom teeth being pulled at the same time (and none of those drugs I tell you) and then bicycling back home (and later to work!) so I guess I will survive!

I wonder what these tulips will look like in my mind after I've taken all this medication...

PS I've ordered "the Young Victoria" and "The Duchess" on Netflix for my recovery time at home this week: Yay!


  1. Spannend allemaal hoor! Ik wens je nu alvast heel veel sterkte!!

  2. I wish you good luck with ypor operation and all your medicins!


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