Friday, April 1, 2011

Last On The Flooding...

So here is the same picture once again, 12 hours later. The river has crested at 58 feet as predicted (how do they predict that?) and is on its way down again: Yay! Our main roads will remain closed for a couple of days more at least, but that's ok. This was very bad news for the farmers though, especially those that had already started planting their crops...

And Yay! also for it is Friday at last. Not only is it Friday but my kids (and hubbie) will not have school for the next two weeks!

*M. will be going on a project week to Yosemity National Park starting this Sunday.
*G. is leaving on Monday for  5 days of  'fun' with teenagers at Camano Island (all outdoors stuff).
*C. will be screen printing for 5 days at school. I have never done any screen printing before and think that it sounds like a lot of fun. C. however is not so 'begeisterd' but I think it will be very good for him to do something artsy craftsy!
*I will be the chauffeur for a change and will have to drive C. to school at 8am every day and pick him up at 2:30 (30 minutes one way), what a pain. At least we'll be getting quite a bit of mother-son time!

But then the week after is Spring Break and everybody will be home again! No plans yet but I'm sure we'll be doing some fun stuff. (hopefully the weather will have improved by then...)

I leave you with a picture of that yummie pink bubblie stuff from yesterday to toast in the weekend: Skol!

"And I'm swimming in Pink Champagne, over you!"
(song by The Keytones)

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  1. So what part of Seattle are you from I was born and raised there but I have been in Alaska for the last 16 years...but I'm so excited I get to go to Seattle the end of the month for 5 days I hope it rains so I feel at home...just kidding!
    Your blog is adorable and I will add you also to my side bar!


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