Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Happy Dance....

I am just so happy with my new shoes that I just couldn't resist showing you some more pics.

G., after a very busy day coming back from camp, driving all the way out to the airport to pick up M. and then storing away all the left-over groceries from camp, decided that he would polish my shoes: what a deer! He also sprayed the insides since we discovered that my shoes did not come from a smoke free home: my feet smelled like ciggies!!!

Some of you are probably wondering why I am so excited about these shoes, they aren't that pretty after all. I've been checking them out on line for months now but the price and the not knowing for certain if they would fit and how they would fit, prevented me from buying them. So, when I saw a brown pair in a size 41 (European) at Value Village yesterday I got really excited and then quickly not since they didn't fit. I must say the brown finish just isn't me either...
A bit further along I came across these in the rack et voila: they were black and they fit and again they were only $8!!! (getting all giddy just thinking about that moment...)

I think they will look just dandy with whatever I choose to wear, mainly skinny jeans but also my skirts and dresses, if I'm going for the country style look that is. I live in the country after all so why not...

Enough ramblings and goins-ons for now. I'm off to a lovely breakfast with the Little Bit Ladies and after that I think some pottering in the yard will be in order. Today is once again a dry day and then the rain will be returning AGAIN!



  1. I can't really see what kind of shoes you have bought...? Is it like dutch wooden shoes, or like swedish clogs with a wooden bottom and skin above?
    Anyhow, they look very nice and comfortable!
    Have a nice sunday!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Hej Monica,
    These are more like the swedish clogs, they are called Dansko so I guess they are Danish... :-)

  3. i love danskos... i've had several styles now... but my favorite are these...
    you mentioned wearing skirts & dresses (neither of which i wear - i'm a pants gal) and if you can score another pair of danskos they last forever!
    found your blog via willy...
    hope your daughter enjoyed Yosemite - it's gorgeous + a fav place to camp.


How wonderful to hear from you!

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