Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feel Good Foods...

This is what I found on the counter when I came downstairs this morning: lots of yummie feel-good foodies and drinks! We came home rather late last night and I just dumped the contents of my shopping bag on the counter and went to bed.

So it was a nice surprise to have these guys greet me in the morning. I was very happy to have found the Hagelslag at WorldMarket, eventhough they only had the milk chocolate version and it cost $6!!!! I just had to have it of course (it is a staple in Holland, something everybody eats every day!) but for that price I could only afford one box. Good thing we're going to Holland this summer and we will be able to eat lots of it for very little money...

The sun was shining quite a bit yesterday so the need for extra wine was great! (wink) Beside the regular two-buck-Chuck at Trader Joe's (the wine is called that because it only costs $2 per bottle, maybe $3 by now, but it tastes just fine to me) I splurged on a (hopefully) nice sparkling Rose. We should be getting temperatures up to 58F this Friday so that should be a nice time to open it. It is chillin in the fridge right now...

M. and I reallly liked the shape of this bottle so I made a couple of pictures of it....
I made this little 'get-well soon' picture (taken through the Rose bottle) for my friend Tif who is feeling a bit under the weather upon returning from the UK so here you go Tif!

I feel some cleaning/ decorating urges coming on. We'll see what happens!

PS I saw two herds of cows out in the fields yesterday, the first of the year: woot woot!


  1. A glass of white or rose-wine outside in the spring-sun is never wrong...
    Kram, Monica

  2. I liked the bottles in the first pic! Looks gooood!
    Does cleaning/decorating come in one package for you, it doesn't for me. Cleaning is pest and decorating is a pleasure.

  3. I wish I could have seen the cows....I love world market so jealous! with the lodge selling fingers crossed and praying were thinking June now and yes how fun would that be!

  4. Feel good foods, that taste good too!!!
    My daughter loves cows, she would have been super excited to see them as well!! Have a wonderful Easter Holiday!
    Chris :o)


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