Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day Out...

Two days ago, my Dutch cousin and her family came to visit. We don't really know each other that well but we had a great time nevertheless! It was fun (for both of us I think) to see each other in the role of motherhood.

We drove around our valley a bit and stopped at both the Snoqualmie Falls and in Snoqualmie town itself. They have a very cutely restored train station there and the boys had a great time exploring. It stayed dry so we were happy too!
Here you can see the family...
Son C. had another Jazz Band Performance at school that evening so we all went to cheer him on. We don't have this kind of music education in The Netherlands so it was fun to show them something truly American. They left again yesterday morning for further travels.

I had my final follow up appointment at the periodontist and he was just so positivie at how well I have been looking after my teeth: Yay!!!! All of the pockets had reduced dramatically and there was even one that he couldn't measure at all which is the best part of course. I was a happy camper when I came out of that office...

I stopped by Joann's and bought this so called utility fabric, 3 yards of it...

I also bought these two strings of fake flowers (on sale of course) for outside...

They are now hanging in different places but at least you can see what they look like. Hopefully we can use all the pillows outside this weekend: the forecast isn't looking too shabby! Good thing since my daughter will be turning 14 tomorrow, the day of the Dutch Queen's birthday also! ~ smile ~

Happy 'Koninginne Dag' everybody over
there in the flat lands!!!


  1. You seem to have had a great time and that your pockets in your mouth are gone must be the best part!
    Do have a wonderful Valborg (I assume you know what that is....).
    Agneta kramar

  2. Hello, I followed that MMMC girl over here ha. I admit i have a crush on your blog name it is soo cool and I love your avatar, cheers Katherine

  3. Nice to have a cousin visiting and lucky for you, that the weather "behaved"!
    I also congratulate you to your fine teeth!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Hello Marjan, it's me again!
    As an answer to your question about the aspargus: The white and green ones are really the same plant. The difference is, that the white ones have grown under the earth surface and the green ones above.
    So if you want white aspargus, you have to put up earth around the plant...
    I prefer the green aspargus!
    Kram igen, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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