Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bad Weather Records....

Seattle Sets April Record For Coldest Average High Temperature

As expected, some slightly milder days this week did not keep Seattle from setting a record for the coldest April average high temperature. These records from official locations in Seattle go back all the way to 1891, a stretch of 120 years.
The average high temperature this April was 52.2 degrees, besting the previous record of 52.6 degrees set in April 1970 at Sea-Tac Airport, and in April 1917 at the Federal Building in Seattle.
While the cold temperature record is impressive, the sheer persistence of the La Niña weather pattern responsible for that distinction is also of note. Twenty-seven out of the 30 days of April 2011 saw high temperatures below the average for the respective date. Only two days (the 10th and the 23rd) were warmer-than-normal, and one day (April 9) was average.
In addition, there were only four completely dry days where Sea-Tac Airport did not record at least a trace of precipitation.
April 2011 will go down as the fourth-wettest April on record with 4.47 inches recorded in Seattle. The average precipitation for April is 2.59 inches.

I got this from the local newspaper this morning. I know, I know, Seattle is known for its rain but it is not usually this bad. At least everything is growing very nicely and there is definitely no shortage of water this year! ~wink~ This is the last time I will complain about the spring weather, promised...

But, TODAY IS A GLORIOUS DAY AND WE WILL SPEND IT OUTSIDE!!!! The sun was already out at 7 this morning and the skies are BLUE! Tomorrow the rain chance is once again 70% so we will enjoy this day to its fullest... ~smile~


  1. EnJOY the beautiful weather, Marjan!
    Have a happy week ahead xxx

  2. And here we long for rain - it's so dry!
    Kram, Monica


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