Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dress, LaCrosse and Mt. Rainier: What A Combo!

My Picasa is not working properly today so I will present you with some collages from PhotoScape. The first one is of my latest summer dress that I made about a month ago. Not bad with the belt I think...

I always feel so stupid posing in front of the mirror like that... Anyway, now at least you know what the dress looks like on me...

So yesterday I spent the whole day (Yes!) reading outside in the sunshine. It was warm but also very windy so not quite hot yet. But, perfect weather to attend a Girls Varsity LaCrosse game at school in the evening.
I know absolutely nothing about the sport and apparently I was not the only one. Everybody kept asking each other what was going on. Very complicated stuff.
We won though by a lot and it was exciting right until the final seconds so a great game! I think if they win Saturday's game they might go to State but don't quote me on that...

Here are some impressions....

Our mascotte is an owl so on the left you see 'Hootie'
cheering on the crowd. (and the team of course)
 In the last picture you see our oldest in the white t-shirt.
His backside is most of what I see of him these days... ~wink~
At least he was hanging with his buddies which I'm very happy about... (he is a bit shy)
It is supposed to be a non-contact sport but of course the girls get whacked left and right with that stick. The only protection they have is a mouth guard and a metal 'cage' over their eyes. (see the larger middle picture)

The game didn't end until 8pm so we had a beautiful sunset on our way home. And surprise, Mt. Rainier was out in all its glory!

In foreground you see our little town...

All in all a perfect day and it looks like today will be the another one. In a couple of hours I'm off to see Tif and together we're going to the large Goodwill Store in Seattle to buy her some new/ vintage sheets for her prayer banners that she sells in her store. They are apparently selling like hot cakes so new sheets are needed. Good for her!  And for me because I get to tag along...   {smile}


  1. My boys play lacrosse (the full contact version) and man, it's hard core! I struggle to watch a match and defo struggle to keep my mouth from shouting (at their request!)

    I can't believe you can see that beautiful mountain on your way home!
    fee x
    have a nice day out ♥

  2. The dress looks fantastic on you!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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