Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ziggy (not Marley)...

Tuesdays and Fridays I spend volunteering at Little Bit as most of you probably know by now. This term I happen to be working a lot with the smallest horse in the barn: Ziggy. He looks like the cutest little pony but his mind says otherwise. He thinks he is a Mighty Stallion!  ~wink~

When he gets a little bit too excited I just bump him with my hips or push down on him with my hands et voila, under control again. (most of the time anyway)

Because of his smaller stature he is great for our younger riders. He does have quite a bit of movement though which of course doesn't work for all of them, depending on their disability. Here he comes down the lane...

Riding a horse is a lot of work so sometimes the rider needs a little break and gives Ziggy some lovin: he is soooo soft.

Yesterday we worked on an obtacle course, weaving in and out of the cones, going over a little bridge etc. We finally had a dry day so all of that was outside. It was lovely!


  1. Oooh zo grappig,
    ik heb ook een Ziggy.
    Die zou ook wel heel graag
    op t paardje Ziggy willen zitten.
    (t is een paarden kind)


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