Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Tunic Was Made!


With a sash...

The sash!
Ha, finally I made something for myself that I will actually wear! Although the fabric is so not my style, I actually quite like it!    ~wink~

It is very thin and sooooo soft. It will be lovely to wear when the sun is shining. (can't wait for that sun, oh wait, haven't I mentioned that before already?) Anyway, it is very comfy and not bad looking at all...   {smile}

I did have a few small problems with the pattern, the main one being that it was waaaay too big! This seems to be a recurring theme for me, I must be smaller/ thinner than I think I am, which is quite a good problem to have  I think. I also made the sides a bit more contoured so that it wouldn't look so baggy....

And then secondly the tunic itself felt more like a nightgown without the sash so I decided to make and design one myself: not bad either! So yes, I am quite pleased with myself!  {smile}


  1. I am deeply impressed! It really looks nice on you and I agree, it is much better with the sach! And what a fantastic sash!
    Kram, Monica

  2. I looked - and you are working that tunic!
    Love with the sash (would never have thought of that)
    good work
    fee ♥

  3. Wow! It looks so wonderful! It's great without the sash but I LOVE it with the sash!!


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