Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Following The Sun Around The Yard...

...That is what I'll be doing today!

Depending on where the sun is at I will be sitting in one of these locations...
Pics taken at 8:30am, just look at all that sunshine already!

I have my book ('Niccolo Rising' by Dorothy Dunnett) at the ready. This is the first part of an 8 part series, my absolute most favorite series EVER!!! You can read about it all here and here.
The books are historically very complicated but also very true to life. You will never look around Europe & Beyond the same way as you do now again: absolutely stunning! I think it is at least my fifth time reading this whole series. (each book has about 550 pages in small print)
Finally!  {sigh & smile}


  1. Now, I do love an historical novel - and I do love a series (when I'd finished reading 'Tales of the City' back in the 90's I missed Michael for ages!)but my question is this:
    Is this a hiliday read?
    I know that possibly depends on what one likes to read on holiday, and I'm a bright girl (!) but easily distracted ( or should that read 'I should be watching my children by the pool'!)
    Would appreciate your view.

    Now, back to more shallow things...I ♥LOVE♥ your blue chair.
    fee x

  2. What fabulous chairs the blue and red is my favorite! someday!

  3. Aa, love love your chairs! We have had a few rainy days, the flowers pop pop and pop!! Have a happy midweek xxx

  4. Lucky you! It's wonderful to have 8 books in the same series ahead of you!
    Kram, Monica

  5. How fabulous to hear all the way from the states!!! Lucky me that you found your way to our cyberhome. Lovely blog & such colours you have among you.

    Thanks for saying hi!

    Ha det gott/LISA


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