Monday, May 30, 2011

Mags & New Friends...

Last night we had new friends over for our 'smoked pork butt dinner': it was Wonderful! (both the new friends and the pork butt) And they stayed until midnight! When was the last time I was up until midnight??? (not New Year's I can tell you...)

And they brought some fun magazines for my perusing pleasure: yay! I've been very curious about the Mollie Makes mag from the UK (the whole of British Blogland has been going gaga over it) and now I can see why: I love it! Can't wait until they start selling it here. Rumour has it it will come it on the news stands June 9th and I think at Barnes & Noble...
Look, it even comes with a little do-it-yourself felt kit!

So this morning we all had a hard time getting up (8am, very late pour moi) but now that I have my coffee in me, I am ready to go. And how nice is it that we don't have any work or school goings on today?!   {smile}


  1. Leuk dat het leuk was! En dat magazine ziet er leuk uit!

  2. Good with new great friends and delicious food!
    And the magazines look very inspiring.
    Aggie hugs

  3. And I very rarely go to bed before midnight! And nowadays (I have retired from working) I seldom go up before 9.00 o'clock in the morning! I am a real night-owl!
    Nice with new friends!
    Kram, Monica


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