Saturday, May 7, 2011

Signs of Spring #11 (a bit early...)

I always have my camera at the ready these days so that when we do have a tiny amount of sun peeking through, I can quickly run outside and snap some pictures. Good thing I did when I did because it is raining once again...

I didn't feel like waiting until Monday to post this so here you go, our few Signs of Spring. Everything is growing like crazy with all this water (and so are the weeds) but the temperatures are still way below average so things just take longer to start blooming. That Lilac (the white flower) smells so lovely!

And just look at that dog! She just loves to lay in the flower beds, sometimes even on top of things. Fortunately most plants are too big for that now. Here a nice little portret of the little old lady... (she turned 10 last February)

I hope you Mothers out there will all have a lovely day tomorrow. Special congratulations to Anki at Zilverblauw who gave birth today, just in time for the big Mothers' Day!  {smile}

PS None of the pictures above have been altered in any way. I've just added the rounded corners...


  1. Beautiful - I love looking at other peoples pictures of their garden - often they look so very different from mine here in manchester - then every now and again I see something so familiar we could be next door!
    Happy days in the sunshine
    fee ♥

  2. Wonderful spring pictures! I wish we could get some rain here too, it is as dry as a desert!
    Kram, Monica


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