Friday, May 13, 2011


Look what I saw as I was driving along our CowRoad this afternoon: a Stampede! All the cows took of running, towards the barn is my guess. What a jolly sight!

So many lovely smells along the way as well (I had my car windows open): blossoms everywhere, freshly cut grass, a dead skunk somewhere (not so lovely...) and lots of cow poop! I love it all. It shows us once again that we live in a rural area...

Yesterday afternoon was unexpectedly nice and I spent several hours out on our patio, trying to teach myself (once again) how to crochet. I actually made some progress! Here are some impressions:

Single, Half and Double crochet stitches...

And even some Trebles as well!

Here I attempted a circle.
 It became more the shape of a raindrop but not bad for a first try....
Later that afternoon (as I was trying to figure out what on earth was going on with Blogger) I had a visit from this bright yellow beauty:

Isn't he/ she gorgeous!

Today I'm driving back and forth in to town: 4 hours in total! First to Little Bit and back, then to school to drop off M. for a play rehearsal, and back, then in a minute I will pick her up again and drop of C. at school so that he can take the team bus for another Ultimate Frisbee game and then I will have to pick him up again at school around 9pm: Crazy!!!! G. is off to The Prom to chaperone so he is busy with other things and he won't be back until after midnight I guess....

Four more weeks until Summer Vacation!!!  {smile}


  1. beautiful birds - think I might be turning into a twitcher!
    13 sleeps til our hols - nearly counting the hours...fee x

  2. What suitable pictures from Cow road with all the cows! But why did they run? Were they scared for something?
    The yellow bird looks quite spectacular! Are you sure it hasn't escaped from some zoo?
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Hi Momma We only have one week left and 2 days the next ,yeah!
    I have missed your happy little blog in my favorite part of the world!
    I have had to start a new blog!

  4. You are a very handy girl, so of course you can learn to crochet! Isn't it fun? I like it a lot, you can do other things at the same time as crocheting and that's nice!
    The rural picture with cows and the georgious mountains in the background makes me wanna travel.....
    What a beautiful yellow bird! Is that a wild one or one on the run from a zoo? So pretty and yellow bright happy!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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