Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cloudburst & Desert....

Last night, while I was constantly checking the Indianapolis radar for tornadoes approaching my friends there (we lived there for 7 years), we got hit by a red squall line on our own radar: Cloudburst!
Wow, the noise was incredible on our windows and skylights....

We were getting so sick and tired of the  depressing weather we've been having, that it was just very understandable that we wanted to see something different. Cue Michael Palin's travel documentary to the Sahara! (remember him from Monthy Python's Flying Circus?)

In the past we have loved watching his other documentaries, for example 'Around the World in 80 Days' following in Jules Verne's footsteps and also 'Pole to Pole', just to name a couple.
We didn't realise he had made this one to the desert and we came across it on Netflix last night. This one was made in 2002, where have we been all this time?
Anyway, we found it at an opportune moment and it was lovely to imagine all that heat and all that sand... (not the crazy sandstorms though: uuugh!)

Ever since reading those Niccolo books that I talked about last week (by Dorothy Dunnett), I look at all these places with a different eye: it just makes so much more sense somehow...

Well, back to life and back to reality (name that tune). Heavy clouds outside and millions of weeds. At least after all this rain the weeds should be easy to pull out. Those things just keep on growing like crazy!

PS I'm still reading (and Loving) all your blogs, but haven't been able to leave any comments anywhere: how frustrating! Come on Blogger: get yourself together!


  1. How did I miss your tunic post I'm in love with it and look at your great hair!!! I do remember the rain we have been have such nice weather this week sunny and 60 degrees. It's been so nice! I hope your rain would move our way we need it!

  2. When it rains at your place, it really rains!
    Your picture of the beautiful blue door reminds me of when we were in Sousse in Tunisia the other year! There we saw a lot of doors like yours!
    Kram, Monica


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