Friday, May 27, 2011

Pipo Koeien!!!

The "Pipo Koeien" phrase is a reference to an old Dutch Children's series I used to watch on TV in the 70's. Someone is warning Pipo (a clown) that cows are approaching. I know, it doesn't sound so funny when you have to explain it, but this was the phrase that immediately came to mind when I saw these cows last night.

Here are Pipo and his Mamalou and their wagon:

The cows were mooing loudly when I approached the fence too quickly but they stayed in their spots and let me enjoy them. Their fur (do you call it fur on a cow?) was so red and soft and I would really have liked petting them but they didn't come close enough...

The last picture of the cows reminded me of a cross-stitch pattern I came across the other day. It is 'La Vache Qui Rit' or the Laughing Cow as they call it here...

Yesterday I was working hard on a new bag design. I really like the one I made a couple of weeks ago and have been using it a lot, but it will be too small for when we go to Europe. So I wanted one like it but then bigger and with a flap on it. I will show you more tomorrow since today I have to go to Little Bit again which leaves me no time nor energy for creative stuff. Here is a little sneak peak though...

The mess during the creative process.
And yes, those are wine bottles next to the sewing machine!
I'll leave you with the following picture that I took in our backyard yesterday afternoon around 5pm. I thought it looked pretty and threatening at the same time!

Happy weekend to all of you, especially you Americans for this is Memorial Day Weekend: woot!
(3 days off)


  1. Love those cute dogs on your previous post!
    You have been one busy Momma, I love those calves how sweet they are with Momma! Happy weekend...enjoy!

  2. I like cows. They give us milk. But lately they have given EHEC which is not fun at all.
    You are busy, I like the part where I can see the wine bottles, right now I'm having a G&T next to med tu cure my cold.....
    Love the dress you made!
    Aggie kram

  3. The last picture is amazing! Did it rain later?
    You are so skilful with your sewing! I can't sew at all!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Ha, nu weet ik de kreet Pipo, koeien! helemaal te plaatsen, al had ik natuurlijk meteen allemaal gedachten over Pipo!


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