Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dress...

Today I finally gave myself a good kick in the be-hind and finished The Dress! I realised that this unfinished project really put a hold on any other projects I felt like doing so it just had to be done...

The zipper was once again a nightmare but it looks better than the previous dress so that's progress. The pictures really don't do the dress any favors, it is difficult to see the details because of the fabric pattern. The dress also needs a nice wide belt I think which means I will have to borrow my daughter's one. The seams did line up where they should have and all the darts came out well, so things learned again. Now I can go on toward other projects...

Yesterday, when we had all the sunshine, I felt like taking some pics of myself.  ( I had just cut my hair again, I just feel soooo much better with short hair...) They also show that fun vintage skirt plus top that I bought at Value Village last week:

I also made these and played around with the settings on the last one...
And this is what we saw at 8 o'clock at night driving home last night: gorgeous once again!


  1. That's a cute dress and skirt. I love the green fabric.

    Are zippers a nightmare to put in? I've not ventured down that road. Too scared!

    I did get your link btw to the vintage shop. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful dress...I hope we get to see it on you :)

  3. dress is just lovely!
    I'm on my second dress (at this rate its 2 a year!) and have stalled on the zip. Not helped by the fact that my Mum (/my dressmaking tutor) said "oooh, a zip? zips are hard" which didn't exactly encourage!!!

    Liking your short hair too. I'm 40 in three weeks and considering new look. Worried I might ruin my birthday if I don't like it!!!
    fee x
    (ps view envy)

  4. You look just lovely with your short hair!
    Kram, Monica


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