Sunday, May 8, 2011

What A Great Start...

... to Mother's Day!

The Day started with tears in my eyes, the home-made cards were absolutely wonderful!
("don't forget the little boy in me" doesn't that just break your heart, especially when it comes from a 6 foot (1.81m) 16 year old in the middle of puberty.... and then M.s super creative card with fabric: Yay!)

Then there were the lovely, well thought out presents and an even more delicious breakfast of French Toast (wentel teefjes for the Dutch amongst you), peaches from a can (my favorite!) and whipped cream: YUM! All that with a (new for me) live recording of Peter LeMarc ( a Swedish artist) in the background: Mysigt!

For dinner we will have the cheese fondue which we all love and for lunch???? Lunch will be had at IKEA!!!

What more can a mother ask for?  {smile}


  1. wentel teefjes you say? around here it's known as daddy's pirate toast!
    Looks like a perfect day
    fee x
    (loving your pinny - have a penchant for a pinny!)

  2. It sounds absolutely complete! Everything and a happy Mother, best thing in the world when Mum's happy!
    Agneta kramar

  3. What a lovely Mothers day you had! Here in Sweden, mothers day is the last sunday in may, so this year it will be om the 29th of may! I wish, that my mothers-day will be as good as yours...
    Kram, Monica

  4. What a perfect day (and what sweet kids)! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Fondue! I'd love to see a post on a fondue night. I have a vintage enamel fondue pot, and did a cheese fondue and stuffed it up. So I'm scared to go back down the fondue track.

    Happy Mother's Day.


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