Sunday, May 29, 2011

Indy 500...

Today the Indy 500 is once again taking place. We used to live in Indianapolis for 7 years and every year on race day we would be out in the garden (hot and humid!), listening to the radio reports of the race (and hearing the real race going on far in the distance), drinking beer and thinking of our friends who are live at the race Every Single Year!

We left 4 years ago but still every year we have the radio on outside (if it isn't raining), remember the song ("Back home in Indiana"), drink beer later in the day (because of the 3 hour time difference, drinking beer at 10am is just a tad bit early, even for us) and we're thinking of our friends who are frying in the stands. (I think it is something like 90+F over there right now)

We also have our smoker out...

A patriotic flag on the table (it is Memorial Day after all)...

And the hummingbirds are zooming by like crazy!

All we need now are our new friends who are coming over for dinner later in the afternoon and Some Sun Please!!!


  1. Sounds terrific and living near the Indy500 must have been something! We do have some Swedes having being good at it, haven't we...?
    I love your pics, they look very cool!
    Aggie kram

  2. I like your fresh new look. Great photo of the hummingbird. Indy 500 ... I could imagine the noise. It looks warm where you are.

  3. Wow! You've lived everywhere!!

  4. Your pork butt looks so good we went to a barbecue with a King crab feed and there was so much left over she sent us home with a bag full, so good!

  5. Car-racing is not my cup of tea, but I understand, that it must have been spectacular to have the race quite near you!
    Kram, Monica


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