Sunday, May 15, 2011


$6.29 for a box of Dutch hagelslag?????
A good thing we'll be having the chocolate sprinkles in Holland soon!
This afternoon G. and I decided to check out the new Uwajimaya in Bellevue: it was so wonderful!!! (it is an Asian food  and gifts market) Their old location was rather grungy looking and always so crowded. This was a huge store with way more products than before and so much room. I had a great time looking at all the fabulous packaging. Here some impressions:

Cute Beer Owls...
Pretty in Pink bottles of ???

Made me laugh. For the Brits among you...

Corn & Cheese Ice Cream??? I don't think so...

Cute little Moomin notebook...
We had some lunch there as well and it was just a plain fun outing. Just like being abroad while still at home...


  1. I love labels also they are like little works of art!
    My girlfriend gave me one of those pink saki bottles it was so pretty with one branch in it! I use to shop there that is such an amazing store!
    you lucky girl.

  2. It really looks lovely! Great to have an asian shop nearby!
    Kram, Monica

  3. tipsy brit you say?

    We fostered two muslim teenagers for a year a few years ago and going food shopping with them to the asian supermarkets was a real eye opener. Haven't been back for a while but you've just inspired me to take a trip!

    Loving the new banner btw
    Have a good week
    fee x

  4. It's strange, it's so nice going around looking at all the cans and planning to cook Asian, and then it doesn't taste Asian at all. At least that's what happens when I try it.....But still it's very, very nice!
    Love the pics.


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