Monday, May 2, 2011

Signs of Spring #10...

Wowie, what GREAT weather we had yesterday and the day before wasn't too shabby either!

We spent every single minute outside, weeding, digging, spreading another load of topsoil and laying sod. (those rolls of grass). I also spent quite a bit of time sunbathing and enjoying a book in my tank top and shorts, yessirree!

Of course the rain is back again today but that is good for the fresh sod right? (trying hard to stay positive here)

Little Bit (= a horse therapeutic program for people of all ages with disabilities) starts again this week after a two week hiatus. That will bring back some much needed regularity to my schedule. Maybe I will even finish that dress that I started about a month ago, who knows? ~wink~

PS This just drives me crazy: I can't even comment on my own blog while I'm signed in! Grrrrrr! Anyway, thank you for your comments. Here are my answers to Carolyn and Aggie:
"Thanks Carolyn! It is half an acre and a lot of work but boy, does it look nice in the sunshine or what? ;-)
Aggie, I think you're confused: me, engaged??? :-) And if you click on the part where it says Little Bit then you will get directed to their site. This is where I volunteer twice a week..."


  1. You do have spring in your garden and laying the sod looks so smart!
    What is Little Bit? Are you engaged in what?
    Curious I am.
    Love the green pics from your garden.
    Agneta kram

  2. What a lovely yard you have!!

  3. Your garden looks so green! Even if you don't like the rain, I think your garden does...
    Kram, Monica


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