Friday, May 20, 2011


I am so tired right now but I still have loads of pictures to show you of our thrifting adventures yesterday. So here they come, before they become old news...

These napking rings (originally from Ikea apparently)
I found here in town a couple of days ago,
but I hadn't shown them to you yet...
They are enamel!

Nifty colorful displays at the large Goodwill in Seattle.
Check out the tidy whities! (that is the pair of underwear, for you Europeans...) ~wink~
In the middle you see one of Tif's Catherineholm's pots.
(so jealous, her mom brought it over from the UK)
We both also had a giggle about the doggies in the left upper corner...

Love the folk-art design on this one...

Basket for my embroidery floss and some kitschy flowers.
You can never have too many of those...

Cute pocket mirror...

Left: Ralph Lauren king size cotton sheet for sewing
Right: a Liberty type of fabric, really nice and soft
and thin too, for something summery...

This is the oilcloth I have outside on my table
and on my blue chair.
Thought you might like to see the close-up...

And this is what I wore yesterday.
The skirt I bought the last time Tif and went thrifting...
Well, that was it. I'm off to bed now. It has been a busy week and the weekend looks like it has even more in store for us. Cheerio!


  1. Brilliant Stuff! So exciting to see!

    How professionally laid-out are your Thrift Shops? The lay-out above looks very groovy ... does that mean things are a bit more expensive?

    I love your blog. I get such a thrill reading it ... and the Ikea enamel napkin rings. Let's not forget to say how gorgeous they are!!

  2. your thrift shops look amazing - so well merchandised!
    Love the picture of you (with an inset - how clever!)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend
    fee x

  3. I'm drooling ,what a fab day and you looked adorable as well!

  4. Ohh, die Catherine Holm-pan... Ik ben jaloers met je mee. Goede aankopen verder. Die blauwe schaal zag ik gisteren toevallig op marktplaats, prachtig!! Voorzichtig met de vaatwassen, want die prints waren sterk vervaagd.


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