Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Little Crafty Projects...

As forecasted, I'm working on some little crafty projects around the house. Yesterday I painted the frames above and added some fun 'wallpaper' and today I decided to spray paint my little garden duo red. Now my spray finger is sore...

New Red - Old Brown

1st paint coat...
Otherwise not a lot going on. We are all anxiously awaiting tomorrow and Saturday when they say that the temperatures will rise up to 65F/ 18C !!!!!!

Maybe I should finish sewing my summer dress? I am about to put the zipper in, maybe that's why it has been laying on my table untouched for so long...


  1. Love the new color on the chairs.... and you are a crafty thing!
    get on that summer dress, 65 so jealous and no rain. You are in paradise!

  2. Haha, it is not 65 yet Heidi! In fact, i think it is only around 48 and super cloudy: bleeeeh!
    How is your painting project coming???

  3. Ohh ik hoop zó voor je dat jullie die 18 graden gaan halen!! Goede projecten ben je mee bezig! :)

  4. I'm inspired by you Anki! :-)


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